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Ricetta Sea bass breaded with Taggiasche olives, carrot orange and saffron puree

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  1. Procedure:
  2. -Cut the sea bass into 120gr portions
  3. -Chop the olive, so that the olives become a paste, but not too thin
  4. -Cover the barramundi with that paste and bread it in the semolina flour
  5. - Peel and roughly chop the carrots se aside.
  6. - Dice the shallots
  7. - In medium size pot sweat of shallots adding the cumin and salt.
  8. - Add the carrot, star anise and orange juice, add water if needed to cover the carrots
  9. - Let simmer for about 25min or till carrots are cooked
  10. - Remove star anise and blend in food processor to a smooth
  11. -Cook the Sea Bass in a hot frying pan with a drop of extra vergin olive oil
  12. -Place carrot purée on the plates place the Sea Bass on top, sprinkle with extra
  13. Virgin olive oil and garnish with fresh thyme tips (facultative)

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Recipe %DV
Recipe Size 269g
Calories 445  
Calories from Fat 290 65%
Total Fat 32.68g 41%
Saturated Fat 4.8g 19%
Trans Fat 0.0g  
Cholesterol 49mg 16%
Sodium 133mg 6%
Potassium 644mg 18%
Total Carbs 14.48g 4%
Dietary Fiber 2.2g 7%
Sugars 6.46g 4%
Protein 23.67g 38%
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