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Ricetta Creole Shrimp Salad

So pretty - so tasty - so healthy;
A taste of New Orleans at you table. Good for ANY dining occasion: appetizer, salad or main course

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So many ways to plate this salad - in a scooped-out large tomato, in an avocado, on your favorite lettuce, or on a bed of peeled Roma tomatoes, toast points - need I go on?
As the water and spices come to a boil for the shrimp, rinse them under cold, running water. Boil a couple of eggs, too...
Eventually you will combine all these ingredients to create your best salad ever!
In a pot of seasoned water that has come to a rolling boil, 4 minutes should cook the shrimps perfectly...
...and the key to any shrimp salad's success - in addition to not over- or under-cooking the shrimp - is to chop the shrimp just enough so they are recognizable as shrimp!
Old Glory & The Flag of Michigan

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