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Ricetta Tortilla pie

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When you have stew left over. This is good to do. A fast lunch dinner anytime.

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  1. Take the tortillas on at a time and soke in water till easy to bend hot water works best.
  2. Put each one on pie plate till bottom is covered. Dump your stew in plate and use the rest of the tortillas to cover.
  3. Bake at 350 dg. Till light brown crust, the tortilla will stick together and the flavor comes out.
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    05 Giugno 2015
    Tartilla makes very good dumpling tobut there not cooked when we get them. That makes them better. Thanks i hope i can help.
    • judee
      04 Giugno 2015
      Great way to use up leftovers and make it into something new!

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