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Ricetta Strawberry Mousse Cake

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A sweet & romantic treat!

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  1. combine all ingredients and mix well, then press mixture onto a 8" spring form pan and leave chill untill set
  2. cook ingredients (A) over low heat until sugar dissolved.
  3. dissolve gelatine into water then stir into mixture (A).
  4. finally, fold in whipped cream and mix to combine.
  5. spread mixture to biscuit base pan and leave chilled to set.
  6. then decorate the top with grated chocolates
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  • Val Riley
    I've made this twice now, the first time it made me two large cheese cakes and the second time I made a large one and two medium. I've had to amend the recipe slightly not that there was anything wrong with it, just that it made a very soft mousse cake which was difficult to handle.

    The second time I put less butter in the base so it was crisper and melted the gelatine into the heated strawberry mixture forgoing the additional 100mls of water. The flavour is still all there, the cakes are less soft so I could get them into the fridge to set
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    • ShaleeDP
      19 Luglio 2013
      I think i may have the time to do this. I like mousse stuff :)

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