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Ricetta Smoked Salmon served with Red Onion Salsa and Sour Cream

by Ernesto Stefani. Ricetta originale by Ernesto Stefani
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  • Smoked Salmon (60g)
  • Red onion, sliced (20g)
  • Dill, chopped (a little, Q.B.)
  • Orange (2 slices)
  • Fresh Tomato, diced (10g)
  • Olive Oil (Q.B.)
  • Sale (Q.B.)
  • Pepe (Q.B.)


  1. Sprinkle all the ingredients except the salmon with salt, pepper, oil.
  2. Put salmon in the center of the plate, and then add all the other ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Recipe %DV
Recipe Size 532g
Calories 511  
Calories from Fat 242 47%
Total Fat 26.91g 34%
Saturated Fat 6.06g 24%
Trans Fat 0.0g  
Cholesterol 109mg 36%
Sodium 142mg 6%
Potassium 1184mg 34%
Total Carbs 23.21g 6%
Dietary Fiber 3.2g 11%
Sugars 15.44g 10%
Protein 43.16g 69%
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  • Sherwin Faden
    I enjoyed this dish prepared by the chef. Ernesto smokes the salmon starting with a fresh fish; he is vehemently opposed to anything frozen. It was served with a kind of sour cheese. What was immensely surprising was the little red Madagascar pepper that was in the dish. There were not many. But just one with the salmon creates a bursting sensation of flavors; not just of the pepper, but of everything. Ernesto told me that there is a fresh pepper he would love to import for the dish that has the same characteristics but is sweet; unfortunately, import regulations to Japan prevent this. The cheese flavor was very subtle. I had this with sparkling wine. The food pairing most certainly made sparkling wine better than it would ever have been had I drunk it without tasting this dish.
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