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Ricetta Pollo in porchetta

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When I served this dish, several of my dinner guests were wondering what the 'secret' ingredient was that have this roast chicken such a special flavor. Of course, rotisserie chicken is almost always wonderfully juicy and luscious, but pollo in porchetta--chicken prepared in the manner of roast suckling pig--is something else.

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  1. Click on link below for detailed directions.
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  • kathy gori
    this looks great Frank..where is the recipe? couldn't find the link
    • Tony Hall
      I've GOT to get this recipe and try some variation on the Big Green Egg!!!
      Ho cucinato/assaggiato questa ricetta!
      • madonna del piatto
        viva la porchetta!
        Ho cucinato/assaggiato questa ricetta!
        • Juanita
          I love to try new recipes all the time and I love your Pollo in Porchetta Recipe. Thank you
          Ho cucinato/assaggiato questa ricetta!


          • Nick Roche
            07 Aprile 2013
            Frank, I've been browsing through your recipes and this one caught my eyes. This looks delicious and I definitely should try it this week. I think I'll do a side of wonderful fresh pasta linguine tossed with butter and parsley (my favorite way of having pasta).
            • Tony Hall
              17 Febbraio 2010
              need those suckling cooking instructions for the chicken frank.
              • Frank Fariello
                14 Febbraio 2010
                No, no... the link is not very prominent. Maybe I should use all caps next time...
                1 risposta
                • kathy gori
                  14 Febbraio 2010
                  my husband was really knocked out by this recipe..think I'll be trying it really soon!
                • kathy gori
                  13 Febbraio 2010
                  never mind..just found it. I feel like such a dunce
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