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Ricetta Colorful Red Cabbage Potato Salad

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Red potato salad is an easy to make, delicious to eat, filling side dish that is a frequent guest at BBQ's and other summer gatherings. My colorful red cabbage potato salad is a healthier version that is made with chopped red cabbage, red onions, celery and red I created this salad when I ran short of containers to store my leftovers one night. Out of necessity, I combined my red cabbage slaw with my french potato salad into one container. The next day when I went to serve my salads again , the two salads had mingled together creating a colorful delicious tasting potato salad that I we enjoyed Since I loved the results,  I now make a recipe for red cabbage potato I think you will love it too, so don't forget to…
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  • judee
    great recipe . I've made it mysel
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