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Hot Summer Days (by Robyn Savoie)

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On those hot summer days when all you can think of is chillaxin'. This is my collection of recipes sure to please.


Appetizers & snacks

I love to serve these recipes as a quick, light and easy to nibble on before serving the next course.

Keep in mind the spring rolls can be made low fat by not deep frying, except the phyllo one.


For those days when all you want is a simple delicious salad.

Main dish

You will find most of these recipes are either chicken or seafood. I like to serve these because they fill you up without slowing you down.


Light and fluffy desserts are items I look for during summer heat waves.


While lounging on the chaise, nothing better than a nice cold drink. Be it on the rocks or blended and spiked or virgin.

Breakfast & brunch

We can't forget breakfast.

Side dishes

How about something you throw on the grill along with you burgers, steaks and chicken?
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  • Paella Pan
    03 Ottobre 2013
    Nice collection Robyn. I've attempted the buffalo chicken wings and it all worked out perfect - thanks!
    Ho cucinato/assaggiato ricette facenti parte di questo tema!
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