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Healthy Beverages (by ramyashankar)

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Ginger tea is a spicy conventional beverage consumed & enjoyed regularly in & around Asia and also popular across the world.



Wash & peel 2 tbsp of ginger. Slice or cut into small pieces. Heat a cup of water & add ginger. Let it simmer for ten minutes. Switch off & strain the boiled ginger water into a tea cup. cover the cup fore few minutes till the aromatic elements immerse well. Add a tbsp of honey & drink at room temperature.
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  1. Ginger combined with any one of these : honey, apple, lemon is a great reliver of stress which should be a 'must-have' in your kitchen.
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  • Poornima hegde
    22 Agosto 2014
    Oh yes, This is my regular tea. It even helps in weight loss!
    Ho cucinato/assaggiato ricette facenti parte di questo tema!
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    • Redneck Mike
      14 Novembre 2016
      Great Tea, gives you a sense of warmth.
      Ho cucinato/assaggiato ricette facenti parte di questo tema!


      • lov2cook
        11 Dicembre 2017
        I really like this tea also i like to add a cinnamon stick while it is simmering.

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