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cake decorating (by tina anderson)

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  • Cupcake Vixen
    29 Luglio 2012
    If you ever bake your cake and you get that bump that forms in the middle, you do not always have to use the leveler or a knife to cut the bump out. All you have to do is form a well in the batter before you bake the cake. You drag the batter to the edges of the pan, forming a hole in the center. You do not want it so thin that you see the bottom of the pan, but thin enough so that when the cake rises the bump does not form. I do this everytime I bake cakes, and it is a fool proof method that requires no cutting before icing or decorating.


    • Sandra
      04 Maggio 2013

      I will try this next time.
      • Lori Zacharuk
        26 Agosto 2012
        This is an excellent idea, I made a cake last night and it rose alot so it was hard to ice the cake! I will sure do this next time! :-)

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