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Bastille Day Recipes and Ideas! (by Kelsey Martin)

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Bastille Day is coming up on July 14th! Celebrate this National French Holiday with delicious food and festivities. These French inspired recipes are sure to be a hit anytime.

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  • Mihir Shah
    10 Luglio 2008
    I prepared the Moules a la Provencale for my super bowl party this year; they were amazing. Great idea for a little Bastille Day get together paired with a chilled white wine.


    • Nick Roche
      19 Maggio 2013
      These ideas sound wonderful. Will definitely add these to my possibilities (love the drink idea and the tarte tatin)
      • Emily Kennan
        14 Luglio 2010
        And don’t forget that a Bastille Day feast deserves to be paired with a nice French-styled wine! To celebrate French Independence and the freedom to enjoy wines that you like, declare your Vindependence at!
        • Andrea Faz
          09 Luglio 2008
          o0o how fun! Great idea, I never thought about it!

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