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Ricetta Mezzelune al brasato (Half-moon Pasta filled with Braised Beef)

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Here's a wonderful way to 'recycle' leftover brasato (beef braised in red wine) or other pot roast—as a filling for stuffed pasta.

In Piemonte, where this dish originates, the usual pasta to be stuffed with this brasato filling is actually agnolotti (aka ravioli) a kind of square pasta. But since I had round pasta on hand, I used made them into another common stuffed pasta shape, the mezzaluna, or 'half moon', made by folding the pasta disk in half as described above. You can also make round ravioli by placing one disk on top of another—with the filling in between them, of course.

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  1. See recipe link below for directions
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  • kathy vegas
    These are just gorgeous! I must make a pot roast now. I won't be happy till I make these (and eat them!) Bravo!

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