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Ricetta Kebbe Neyyah Baz (Raw Meat)

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Kebbe Neyyah Baz (Raw Meat)

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  • Lamb meat, fresh red meat, cleaned and trimmed [finely minced through the grinder] 1 kg
  • Lamb tail fat, fresh [finely minced through the griner] 100 grams
  • Brown burghul [soaked one minute in water and dried well] 400 grams
  • Onion, [grated with large grater by hand] 150 grams
  • Lebanese spice mix 15 grams
  • Nutmeg whole grated ½ piece
  • Salt Taste
  • Olive oil for shaping As needed


  1. Method:
  2. *Put some ice inside a bowl in order to keep the hand which mixes the mixture as cold as possible while mixing.
  3. *Combine #1-7 and mix with a cold hand for 10 minutes. The sanitized hand which is doing the mixing must be plunged into the ice every minute at least.
  4. *When finished adjust seasoning to taste and serve. Kebbe Neyyah cannot stand more than five hours before serviing.
  5. *Kebbe neyyah is served in Lebanon with tomeyya, green onion and mint leaf as a garnish to eat along with the raw meat mixture.
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