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Ricetta Dark Cherry Compote and Crumble Mulled Wine Ice Cream

by Matthew Crabbe. Ricetta originale by Matthew Crabbe
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This is not such an easy recipe recipe, but if followed precisely a successful outcome should be achieved. If you enjoy cherries, you will love this delicious dessert.

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  1. ---- Mulled Wine Cherries ---
  2. Boil wine and burn
  3. Once fire is out add all ingredients, simmer and reduce to 750ml
  4. Cool down
  5. In a vacuum pack add the pitted cherries, add 450ml per 60 cherries
  6. Seal and steam at 100% for 8 minutes then shock.
  7. --- Mulled Wine Sauce ---
  8. Boil all and reduce to honey consistency.
  9. --- Mulled Wine Ice Cream ---
  10. Boil milk and cream with scraped vanilla bean.
  11. Mix egg yolks and sugar and mulled wine.
  12. Add the milk and cream to the egg yolks while stirring then place back on a slow heat stirring constantly until the mix coats the back of a spoon.
  13. Strain through a medium fine strainer and cool.
  14. Place in an ice cream maker.
  15. --- Crumble ---
  16. Rub all together.
  17. Make balls of 0.3g each.
  18. Bake on baking sheet in 180c oven until golden brown.
  19. Cool and place in air tight container.
  20. --- Vanilla Marscarpone Cream --- 
  21. Bring the milk and cream to boil.
  22. Mix the yolks with the sugar then add the flours and mix well.
  23. Add the milk/cream to the egg mix and mix well.
  24. Return to heat, simmer for 3 minutes while mixing well.
  25. Remove from heat and place in a container, place plastic directly on skin and cool down.
  26. Once cool fold in the mascarpone and the sugar whipped cream.
  27. --- Presentation ---
  28. Place a dollop of the cream in the middle of the plate.
  29. Arrange the cherries on the cream then the crumbles, so that you can't see the cream.
  30. Place a quenelle of the ice cream on the pile.
  31. Squiggle some of the mulled wine honey on top.
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