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Ricetta Chinese Dragon Sauerkraut

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one of the main branches of Chinese traditional philosophy, the Confucians, has had a great relationship with the Chinese dragon culture. The question involved whether the Chinese emperors had held their great power over the country from the Chinese dragon culture; this thought of Confucians is a complex issue that has included two thousand years and billions of people. For example: in ancient China, during thousands of years, emperors still thought their families were the sons of the heaven. Every Chinese lived in the empire and called the emperors the real dragon; the public tell down on the ground and prostrated themselves in worship. Because this feudal society lasted in china for about two thousand years, the Chinese continue to show great respect for the dragon.the Chinese dragon stayed in china for about two thousand years, he gives every generation of Chinese with power and confident. Finally, the Chinese dragon is not only an imaginary animals in Chinese heart, it also be spiritual pillar in Chinese heart and source of hoping. So I think the Chinese dragon is the culture icon in my heart. I love Chinese traditional food!!!

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  1. Step1. Clean the beef and chop into pretty small pieces
  2. Step2. Cut the Chinese sauerkraut and vermicelli into slices.
  3. Step3. I cook all of them in the bottom of the bowl and then put the vermicelli on the top.
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