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Cilantro leaves are used throughout the world as a fragrant herb. Hispanic cooks use it in salsas, Asians in stir-fries, and Indians in curries. The seeds (called coriander seeds), stems, and roots of the plant are also used. Cilantro doesn't cook very well, so always add it to hot dishes at the last minute. Don't confuse cilantro with Italian parsley, which looks just like it but isn't nearly as fragrant.

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Conosciuto anche come

  • Coriander leaf
  • Chinese parsley
  • Culantrillo
  • Koyendoro
  • Mexican parsley
  • Pak chee
  • Yuen-sai
  • Green coriander
  • Coriander green


Italian parsley (If you like, add some mint or lemon juice or a dash of ground coriander.) OR equal parts parsley and mint OR parsley + dash lemon juice OR papalo (similar flavor, but more pungent) OR parsley + dash ground coriander OR celery leaves OR dill (especially in Thai seafood dishes) OR basil
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